What are your thoughts on this Fashion Merchandising class? MDSE 2350

Wing-Yan (Dorathy) Chiu

This project was based on using various software programs (Polyvore, Word Press, Stylesight, and Powerpoint) to document consumer and fashion trends by creating story boards for each trend. The boards represent the trend through a color motif, various product categories, as well as different types of outfits related to the trend. Along with each board, a write up analysis is included to back up the idea and concept of the trend.

These are the trends represented by the sets:

  • Spring & Summer 2013 Favs – Top picks for 2013
  • Ethnic Fashion – Using the Chinese ethnic style and modernizing it
  • Lure of Lux – Includes all luxury goods over $1000
  • Sustainability & Going Green – Represents sustainability by using organically made apparel
  • Brand You – Captures the essence of ‘my’ personal brand
  • Technology – Converges technology with fashion
  • Cause Branding – Using the concept of recycling and creating a line based…

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An Addition

I would also just like to add one more addition to my previous post. I would like to make clear that I will absolutely not divulge any information in this blog that would identify any specific person and his/her opinions unless they have given me their permission in advance. The survey questions and responses are simply for research and in no way link to any personal information about the user. I figured that rather that paraphrasing a comment made by another, I would use their very own words to let them speak for themselves. 

If there happens to be a problem and you do not feel that I am being thorough in protecting an identity, you are more than welcome to email me at lwood0905@comcast.net. 

Thanks for reading! 

You Mad Bro?

My blog is technically “over” (past the due date, no longer active, whatever) but my goal to add SOME SORT of fashion inspired major at this school is far from over! The deeper I’ve gotten into this blog, the more I’m learning about my school, my peers and even myself.

Normally, I’m that person that always takes criticism too hard. I always take things personally and oftentimes it’s hard for me to have an objective perspective on a topic that I’m very passionate about. Luckily, I’ve gotten a lot better at this…just in time too because some of the comments that have risen about my quest to add a BA in Fashion Design & Merchandising are just plain….well….mean.

Don’t get me wrong, there are SO many people who are pumped about the idea and I am so inspired by other’s enthusiasm and support for the project. It definitely makes me believe that I’m not doing this aimlessly…I’m not trying to make this a reality “just because”

A few days ago I put out a survey via SurveyMonkey and blasted it through social media at the Chapman community (primarily through Facebook & Twitter) and asked people to take my survey and give me their thoughts, opinions and suggestions about making this goal of mine a reality.

Let me just get to the point….*see pictures below*

Keep in mind, I do want to remain as respectful as possible. I know the class standing, gender & greek affiliation of this individual but I will choose not to disclose that information. What’s important here is the attitude in which it’s written:

And yet another:

Now I have a question for you: how does this make you feel? 

Not only am I saddened because a small sample of individuals do not have the intellectual capacity to even consider the impact of fashion on our economy, our environment, social policies and modern day advertising & business, but I’m also saddened as a Chapman student searching for support and constructive criticism.

If you are someone who sees fashion as an important part of our lives and our society, how do these comments from peers make you feel? 

To be fair, again, an overwhelming amount of support came in from the survey and I couldn’t have been happier with how many people saw this as a great idea and a positive impact for our community. Again, there were more comments in this similar attacking fashion but to be honest, none of them got me down.

The question on my mind is now….what do these students see in fashion that I just don’t? What do I see in fashion that they can’t grasp? Answers are soon to come and my next posting will be a comparison of various stereotypes held around campus on the topic of fashion programs in schools. 

Chapman Girl, Fashion World: Interview with Melissa Scholz

Melissa Scholz, Junior, Fashion Marketing Minor

I did an interview with Chapman undergad Melissa Scholz on the possibility of adding a Fashion Studies & Merchandising major to our school. Melissa, a Huntington Beach native, is a Junior at Chapman University with a Major in Public Relations & Advertising. She also hold a Fashion Marketing Minor which she created herself! I was honored to have Melissa answer my questions and through the interview, I gained some powerful insight. A Chapman girl living in a world of Fashion: 

Q: How have you been/are you inspired by fashion?

Fashion has been something I’ve really loved for a while. I follow different designers on Twitter/Instagram. I love magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Glamour. Also when I studied in Florence last spring was when I really realized my passion for it. I went to the Gucci Museo and the Salvatore Ferragamo museum. Seeing the impact designers like Gucci, Ferragamo, and Chanel have had on fashion as we know it is amazing. For example Ferragamo and cork wedges, and Chanel and women’s pants.

Q: Do you believe Chapman could really benefit from offering a fashion studies & merchandising major?

Yes I do really believe Chapman would benefit from it. It would get even more people interested in going to Chapman and I also think that this is something a lot of people currently at Chapman are interested in.

Q: Explain a little bit about your minor. Why did you chose to create it? What have been your favorite classes in this minor? Who was your faculty advisor?

I have a minor in Fashion Marketing. This consists of both fashion and business classes. Half the classes in my minor are classes I took while in Florence. The classes in Florence I took were (ART 194) Introduction to the Fashion Industry, (MKTG 394) Introduction to Fashion Marketing, (MKTG 394) Fashion Consumer Behavior, and (MKTG 394) Visual Merchandising. The other classes ( at Chapman) in my minor are BUS 100 Introduction to Business, Social Media Marketing (my FFC), (MKTG 305) Fundamentals of marketing for non majors, (MKTG 407) Consumer Behavior, and (MGMT 316) Principles of Management. I chose to create this minor because the fashion industry is amazing to me and I was interested in learning more about it and want to work in it in the future. I think often times people belittle and do not understand how they are affected by fashion, when really we all are affected by it . With my desire to work in fashion I thought that this would be a great thing to have on my resume also. My faculty advisor was Kenneth Murphy, Dean at the Argyros School of Business

Q: What do you hope to pursue as a career after graduating from Chapman?

After graduating I hope to have a career in Fashion Public Relations. I would love to work with either a magazine such as Vogue or with a company like Louis Vuitton ( I like to dream big).

Q: Any advice for women at Chapman who are interested in Fashion but can’t find the right outlet for their passion??

Try finding an internship! Or if possible, study abroad! Studying abroad was one of the most eye opening experiences for me, going somewhere with such a huge history and importance in fashion. Also I was even able to go to Milan during fashion week. Also, I interned for a handbag company in Seal Beach my Fall semester at a company called Cleobella. It was great experience, getting to learn about the fashion industry in a hands on way.

Chapman Responds

Im dying to know what students at Chapman University think about this idea! Do they think it would be a success? Do they think it’s a necessary major? Does anyone even care that much?

I created a survey via Survey Monkey asking Chapman Student a variety of questions about adding a BA in Fashion Studies & Merchandising. So far I have only posted it a few minutes ago and there have been a variety of answers. Some indifferent, mostly positive and supportive! In the coming days we’ll see what this survey shows about the interest about such a major at Chapman, but in the mean time, it’s fascinating to look at some of the responses that have come up already!

Here are some responses so far:

“I think it is a great idea and something Chapman University is missing.”

“I think that in order to bring a Fashion Studies & Merchandising major to Chapman, Chapman first has to start treating the rest of the arts well, before a new discipline is added.”

“I think it would be great. I always hear complaints about it not being a major at chapman. There isn’t even a single class that is related to fashion. It is ridiculous due to the fact that we live in Orange County, and a lot of students end up working in the fashion industry.”

The responses are coming in! Please fill out the survey here if you’re interested! I need as much student input as I can get before I bring this project to the next level!

Heads Up Patrick Fuery!

Wilkinson College Dean Patrick Fuery

He is beloved by many and known around campus as an innovator and an exemplary scholar. He is the Dean of Wilkinson College of Humanities & Social Sciences and graduate of Murdoch University, Australia, with a BA (Hons), MPhil and Phd in Comparative Literature. His name is Patrick Fuery and we want to get his attention!

As the Dean of Wilkinson College, Dr. Fuery’s opinion on the matter of Fashion Studies & Merchandising is…well….it’s pretty big.  With his support and approval, our newest addition to the Art Department could put our school on the MAP (once again) and emphasize the fact that Chapman University is a school of innovators. In the coming days, I will be speaking with Dr. Fuery and getting his thoughts on the matter.

Wish me luck world!

Feel free to also follow the Wilkinson College Blog here. The blog gives you updates on the college’s happenings and notes from Dr. Fuery himself.

Chapman is starting to “like” this idea

First Screen shot of response post: Chapman Univ. Cals 2015 Group

Just last night I posted on a few Facebook pages and Groups based out of Chapman University and in only a few short hours I’ve gotten a pretty great response! Questions are being answered, details are being worked out and I’ve even been asked for an interview by a Chapman Journalist! Even as I’m trying to update this post now my Facebook is constantly being updated with “likes” for this idea.

Second Screen shot of response post: Chapman Univ. Cals 2014 Group

Pinterest Impacts Social Media & Fashion Industries

Pinterest is a growing tool in both the social media and fashion industries. As a Public Relations & Advertising Major and Graphic Design minor at Chapman University, I’m ALL OVER the Pinterest craze. (I’m calling all my important activity on social media forums “A.P.” or, “After Pinning”)

So what does this mean for Chapman University and my proposal to add a Fashion Studies & Merchandising program? Pinterest is the future of fashion & social media’s collision to create an entirely new playing ground for marketers and buyers in both industries. Dodge College of Film & Media Arts is, of course, home to my PR&A Major and the epicenter of all things “media.” Joining the knowledge of PR&A students with that of Fashion Studies  & Merchandising students could create a hybrid program…. undoubtedly producing graduates who can easily traverse the new age of media and merchandising.

Check out this article from prominent fashion blog “Fashionista.com” about Pinterest and it’s effect on marketing & merchandising in the fashion industry.



You’re telling me…

I’ve been hard at work contacting professors and deans from various universities around the country for input on their own Fashion Merchandising programs. We’ll see how they respond and whether or not it will give this voyage the facts and insight it needs!